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Case study

Employees can clock in anywhere at 11 locations

Employees can clock in anywhere at 11 locations Employees can clock in anywhere at 11 locations

Solution: Spica Time&Space


  • How to standardize and control access and entry at 11 different locations scattered across Slovenia?
  • How to record time and attendance of employees with different schedules at and between locations?
  • Why did the company enable access to the site with mobile phones?


Novo investicije/Admiral Slovenia

  • Sector: gambling
  • Company size: large
  • Number of employees: 300
  • Interesting facts: 11 locations - 10 casinos, 3 hotels and 3 restaurants
  • Achievements:
    - The company welcomes 60,000 visitors each year.
    - In 2022, it was awarded the Excellent Customer Experience certificate.

Admiral Slovenia group combines top-tier services in the fields of gambling, hotel management, catering and entertainment. It is part of Gryphon Invest AG, an international corporation based in Switzerland, which has been the spearhead of the global gaming industry for many years. The Admiral brand is represented in Slovenia by the parent company Novo investicije, d. o. o., headquartered in Trzin. 

In addition to its headquarters, a number of associated companies that hold special gambling licenses, too, are working to enhance Admiral brand’s visibility: Admiral Portorož, Admiral Škofije, Admiral Kozina, Admiral Nova Gorica, Admiral Ljubljana center, Admiral Ljubljana BTC, Admiral Grosuplje, Admiral Lesce, Admiral Ptuj and Admiral Maribor.

As the first major foreign investment in the Slovenian gambling market, Admiral has been present in Slovenia since 2009, when it opened the Hotel & Casinò Resort Admiral entertainment complex in Kozina. In the years that followed, a large number of casinos, hotels and restaurants were brought together under the Admiral umbrella, with the aim of expanding the brand and raising the standard of gambling and tourism industry in Slovenia.

Admiral Slovenia now boasts ten casinos with functioning catering facilities, three hotels and three restaurants. It welcomes more than 60,000 guests every month. In 2022, Admiral Slovenia was even awarded the Excellent Customer Experience certificate for delivering an excellent experience to its customers.

Over the past two years, all of the casinos have been renovated, upgraded and modernized. In addition to the continuing investments in the appearance of the sites and their equipment, particular attention is also paid to investments in professional skills development for the 300 or so employees. They believe that a company can only be as successful as its people.

The positive sentiment and attitudes of employees in the company are reflected in the large number of social events and sporting activities held locally and internationally within the corporation.

Director, MSc. Klemen Čaleta: "In the Admiral Group, we aim to raise the level of all services to the highest level. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our systems and people function as a coherent whole. This was also achieved by working with Spica and implementing their solutions. We were looking for an advanced solution to overcome two challenges. The first challenge was to manage multiple schedules and speed up the payroll processing in administration, and the second was to protect the premises from unauthorized access."

Challenge: rapid growth & different access and entry control systems

In a very short period of time, the Admiral group has grown rapidly to become a group with facilities at 11 locations with completely different systems of access control and entry to different spaces. The company consequently wanted a reliable solution that would allow for more automation, traceability and paperless operations.

There were two major challenges:

  • standardizing the company’s time and attendance tracking system, regardless of the differences in employees’ working schedules - within and between locations,
  • stepping up the control of the entries to rooms within the facilities to ensure greater transparency and security.
"As a solution to these challenges, the company implemented Spica’s Time&Space time and attendance tracking system in cooperation with Spica International. This was complemented by Spica Mobile Time (SMT) and door opening control (access control) via HID Origo Mobile," explains Kelly Prodan Lukežič, Head of Procurement at Novo investicije.

Solution: as many as 17 benefits in 3 areas

This decision has brought about benefits in three areas:

  • time and attendance tracking,
  • payroll processing, and
  • access control.

Benefits in the area of time and attendance tracking

  • Since the implementation of the new Spica solution, working time has been recorded automatically with the help of a registration terminal. This speeds up the recording of working time and minimizes or eliminates the possibility of mistakes.
  • It also allows employees to clock in or out using the registration terminal and identification cards or key fobs.
  • Employees can also record their time and attendance using their mobile phone, thanks to Spica Mobile Time.
  • The company can access up-to-date presence data at any time, providing a comprehensive overview of employee presence.
  • Manual entry is no longer required. Everything is done automatically, which saves a lot of time and takes the pressure off the administration.
  • As many employees are mobile, they can clock in at any location.
  • They can keep separate time and attendance records for different Admiral Slovenia locations.
  • They also have an excellent overview of workload and events.
  • Employees receive information on their working hours when they clock in.
  • The reports allow them to view absences by different variables - by location, by department, etc. - at any moment.
  • A comprehensive overview of absence history is also available.


Benefits in the area of payroll processing

  • Spica's solution allows them to export data for further use in payroll processing in another accounting system.
  • It automatically records employee presence and absences, adding up compulsory benefits, exemptions and other particularities that form the basis for payroll.
  • It generates various reports to help with additional data accuracy checks. 

Benefits in the area of access control

  • The latest HID Mobile Access readers have been installed on the doors. Cards have mostly been replaced by mobile phones. There are also a few key fobs in use, as the system allows multiple clients to use them at the same time.
  • Thanks to the installed door opening sensors and the VSM (Visual Space Manager) module, providing greater security, the company can now track the status of the control points at any time.
  • A major added value was seen as being achieved by the automatic notification of the authorized persons (via email) that occurs when the door is open for longer than the set time.


The most important results                                                        

  • For employees: Transparency in monitoring own time and attendance data and access to any of the 11 locations, even with mobile phones.
  • For the administration: The system automatically records employee presence and absences, adding up compulsory benefits, exemptions and other particularities that form the basis for payroll, even when another accounting system is being used. This minimizes or eliminates the possibility of mistakes and speeds up payroll processing.
  • For safety: They can track the status of control points at all times, ensuring greater security. The system automatically notifies the authorized persons (via email) when the door is open for longer than the set time.
 "Admiral gives more" is not just a slogan

Admiral Slovenia has spent over €200,000 in sponsorships and donations in the period between 2018 and 2022. Among the recipients of the funding were NK Maribor, NK Tabor Sežana, Hokejski klub mlade kategorije Bled, Kegljaški klub Triglav Kranj, Football club Koper, etc.

In recent years, the company has also assisted individuals in achieving their life goals or making their lives easier. Admiral regularly works with Zveza prijateljev Mladine Ljubljana Moste - Polje, the Palčica pomagalčica in dobrodelni škratki association and other humanitarian associations for a better tomorrow.

All our casinos follow Admiral's vision of modern gambling, responsibly integrated into the local environment: Admiral gives more - to its guests, to its employees and to the local community in which it operates.