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All Hours Summer Update: New Features for Enhanced Efficiency

All Hours Summer Update: New Features for Enhanced Efficiency
3 minute read

The development team at SPICA has been busy over the summer as we prepared a major update of Spica All Hours, our cloud-based time and attendance solution.

The update brings several advanced features and improvements that can make day-to-day time and attendance management much easier and increase your company’s productivity even further.

Let’s take a look at the most important updates.

1.     Simplified Time Data Management in Calendar View

One of the most notable features of this update is the Excel-like grid function added to the Calendar view. This improvement is intended to simplify the management of time data for multiple employees and/or multiple days.

 It allows administrators to quickly select multiple employee days and seamlessly enter clock-in times, register absences, or make necessary adjustments. This way administrators can edit time and attendance data “in bulk”.


2. Better Precision with Custom Counters Enhancement for Holidays

The update allows even better precision and customization with custom counters (accruals), primarily for holidays. Now administrators can customize the counters to either include or exclude calculations depending on whether a holiday day is on a weekend or not.

This feature ensures data accuracy and seamlessly aligns with individual company policies. For example, if a company pays extra when an employee is required to work on a holiday that falls on a weekday, this can now be set in the software.

Advanced configurations of accruals, which can cover many different scenarios and different types of working hours on which payroll processing is based, are one of the biggest advantages and capabilities of the SPICA All Hours solution.

3. Other updates and improvements

  • Simplified API Integration: The summer update further simplifies the integration of SPICA All Hours with other external tools. You can now easily create an API key and use it in the desired application. This ensures faster integration and even easier use of All Hours in combination with other tools.
  • Flexibility in limiting clocking locations: The ability to control the registration locations has been improved. In addition to the ability that a user can register anywhere or only in certain locations specified in the software, it is now possible to restrict an individual user only to selected locations. A practical example would be that a certain employee can register only in a certain branch of the company.
  • Alerts about added missing entries: In case the user submits a missing time and attendance entry, it can be set up that his manager will be informed by e-mail about the added entry. Of course, it is also possible to setup in settings that “post festum” time and attendance entries are not possible, must be approved or the user is not prevented from doing so at all.
  • Accurate Calendar Integration for Partial Absences: If the request for absence is approved, the user will receive an attachment that can be imported into Outlook or Gmail to show this absence in the calendar. With the new update, partial absences are also imported and displayed on an hourly basis (from - to) on the calendar.
  • Location Validation in the Event Log: Administrators with the appropriate permissions can now easily validate clocking locations directly from the Events log view.
  • Accurate reporting for paid exits: The First Arrival and Last Departure report now includes paid exits, ensuring accurate attendance reporting.

You can find more information in the changelog:

With the latest update to our solution, we aim to provide an even more advanced yet user-friendly solution for tracking time and attendance. We are also committed to continuous improvement according to the PDCA cycle and are already actively working on upcoming upgrades.

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