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SPICA’s workforce management apps now available on Microsoft’s marketplace

SPICA’s workforce management apps now available on Microsoft’s marketplace
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SPICA has been working successfully with Microsoft for more than 30 years. In 2020, SPICA was awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for outstanding technological solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies. Now, SPICA's time and space management apps are also available in the Microsoft App Marketplace.

Microsoft AppSource is a business application marketplace designed to enable Microsoft, its partners and customers to connect across amazing products and services. The marketplace was developed in line with Microsoft's mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

The marketplace already has more than 75 million users looking for the best apps for their business challenges. Using Microsoft AppSource makes it much easier for users to find the right apps for their specific business needs. Apps available to users on Microsoft AppSource worldwide now also include SPICA All Hours and Time & Space.

  • SPICA All Hours is a time and attendance tracking solution in the cloud and is available as Software as a service. With All Hours, you can accelerate payroll processing and easily manage employee absences and overtime, increase productivity and reduce labor costs. You can view more about SPICA All Hours on MS AppSource here.
  • Time&Space is a comprehensive information system that provides the highest level of integration between workforce management (Time) and access control (Space). Time&Space features a high degree of adaptability and flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and organizations, and is available as an on-prem and hybrid implementation. Learn more about Time&Space on Microsoft AppSource here.

See how Spar Slovenija uses the Time & Space platform - from its early days to 10,000 employees - and why Prigo and Optics Clarus chose the cloud solution SPICA All Hours.

You can receive a 50% discount on the monthly subscription when you purchase SPICA's All Hours through Microsoft AppSource (until Jul 30 2022). The subscription to All Hours is handled through the Microsoft AppSource, which can simplify the process for you, especially if you are already a Microsoft business customer.

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