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Case study

How the region’s largest travel provider manages time & attendance of 700+ drivers (and 300+ other employees)

How the region’s largest travel provider manages time & attendance of 700+ drivers (and 300+ other employees) How the region’s largest travel provider manages time & attendance of 700+ drivers (and 300+ other employees)

About Nomago

  • Industry: mobility and travel services
  • Number of employees: 1.000+
  • Nomago in numbers: 700 buses, 2.000.000 plane tickets sold annually, 14 bus stations, 3 regional centres in Slovenia, offices in Croatia and Italy
  • Service: Urban passenger transport in 6 Slovenian cities
  • Website:

"At Nomago, we are trying to bring users of our services as smoothly as possible from point A to point B and not just from one station to another. Therefore, our employees and systems need to be in sync." 

Borut Puklavec, Director of Strategic Information Technology


A complex challenge: Workforce management of several branches and majority workforce on the go

Nomago’s main business is providing mobility services, which is why of its more than 1.000 employees it has nearly 700 drivers of various means of transport. Support services in the field of travel organization, logistics, and mobility are provided by approximately 300 employees in the company’s branches and smaller business units throughout Slovenia.

This group consists of accountants, cashiers, travel consultants, customer support staff, and professional associates, such as IT, HR, and marketing professionals. Numerous different job types and workplace locations have posed challenges to Nomago in terms of tracking time and attendance and accurately processing payroll.

Nomago tried to find an advanced solution for tracking time and attendance, managing the diversity of working hours according to different jobs, and enabling close integration with both large existing backend systems and business apps.

What did they want to improve?

  • Enabling easy tracking of employee hours for all types of job posts
  • Speeding up the process and accuracy of payroll processing
  • Unauthorized access protection on-premises
  • Implementation of a single card for different purposes
  • Connecting several IT systems into a single digital platform


What did they gain?

  • Time&Space system with more than 50 schedules managing employees’ time
  • PIF system significantly speeding up the payroll processing and its accuracy
  • Nomago card for access control integrated with the public passenger transport system
  • A digital platform enabling improved business efficiency

"At Nomago, we have a really large number of job posts which required manual data processing in the past. While the managing board has relatively fixed working hours, it is quite the opposite for traffic managers, drivers, maintenance staff, and controllers, as well as for 24/7 support agents. In practice, all of the above means many different work schedules, creating vast complexity in logging and planning working hours," 

explained Dzangir Kolar, Information Systems Administrator.

Employees’ Working Hours Are Accurately and Effectively Managed by More Than 50 Schedules

After careful consideration and analysis, it was decided to implement Spica’s Time&Space solution. The Time&Space solution enabled the flexible working hours of employees at different locations. It also simplifies how 50 different work schedules are assigned to each employee, some quite complex. The system always tries to select the most appropriate schedule given the current situation, since the Time&Space system supports several schedules for each employee.

"The tree structure of confirmation of requests for leave, sick leave, and other types of absences, as well as the requests themselves, are recorded in the Business Connect system, and then the data is transferred to the Time&Space Manager module." The solution implemented thus ensures fast information flow between employees, superiors, HR, and accounting.

The advanced integration of Time&Space and the iBUS system has automated many tasks that were previously time consuming for employees. System integration enables data sharing about both the start and end of working hours of each individual employee, so the information in the travel orders can be filled in automatically.

"We chose Time&Space precisely because of its state-of-the-art architecture and possibilities for integration with a wide variety of systems. As this is a proven and tested solution in practice, including excellent technical documentation, its implementation into Nomago’s environment was so much easier," added Kolar, who also pointed out the absolute concern for data security and the audit trail: "All data is securely stored; unauthorized persons can't access it."

Benefit: One Nomago Card for All - Drivers, Employees and Passengers

The deep integration of Spica’s Time&Space solution with both backend systems and Nomago’s card solution proved to be an additional exceptional advantage for Nomago's business. Nowadays, drivers and staff use the Nomago card for clocking in and out. The same card is also used by passengers. The Nomago card is integrated with the Public Passenger Transport system and, besides some urban traffic services, offers regular services from one place to another. If you hold a Nomago card, you can hop on a bus from Nomago or a rival company or even ride a train.

The Future: Automation, Smart Solutions and Mobile Time Management

In addition to classic terminals and online login via the Time&Space Manager module, Nomago also uses a mobile solution for both working hours registration and access control. HID Mobile Access is a mobile app supporting integration with the Time&Space system. Employees, especially management, open doors by gently turning their phones in their hands. Physical security is provided by their own unique passwords on their phones. Fear of counterfeit cards is thus unnecessary.

"Users quickly mastered clocking in and out and opening doors with their mobile devices. The Spica team really deserves a thumbs up for their flawless implementation of the solution and cooperation in the process of adapting to the specifics of our business. With their fast implementation and the possibility of many adjustments we quickly realized that we were dealing with a professional provider and an excellent solution," added Puklavec.

APIs is going to enable further integrations of the Time&Space system with other systems, applications, and services in the future. The company's goal is full automation of both time and attendance and payroll processing, and the management expects an improvement in the quality of business decisions, as accurate data provided by the Time&Space system will be a key basis for advanced analytics and quality business decisions.